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February 07, 2006


Silvia Springolo

great blog! For those interested in learning more about how Google Maps is starting to be used by advertisers, read the following article from AdAge.com: 'THE SOPRANOS' USES GOOGLE MAPS TO PROMOTE NEW SEASON - HBO Breaks New Ground With New Jersey Map Pointing to Fictional Events

Michael Fedor

Update: GPS enabled mobile mash-up.
In the last piece of my entry, I mused over the possibilities of combining GPS capability with photoblogging and other location aware services. It seems that a company has taken the first steps towards that aim. Navizon.com is heralding its mash-up tracking solution. I haven’t tried the software, but the documentation says it uses a combination of WiFi hotspot, Cell phone tower and GPS Satellite triangulation to pinpoint your position. It then throws your location up on a google maps mash-up. There seems to be a section on their site where you can access a buddy tracker (similar to my “Saturday night out on the town” tracker idea)...pretty cool.

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