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January 10, 2006


Russ Pillar

While I concur with the slew of praise for this post, the fact is we quickly forget how even what by now seem modest advances once were revolutionary. Remember the first time you used Amazon and found a book you'd been looking for forever (no, I didn't think you did)? Remember the first time you picked up a print edition of The Wall Street Journal and felt you'd read it all before, days ago (and you had, online)? What that's all to say is, while the fantastic experience Rick Segal had highlights the medium's promise, the incremental advances it's allowed us to make in our daily lives are no less profound (though, by now, far less newsworthy). Good stuff...and it's only getting better!

Ed Gaskin

For those of us who travel, this is all too familiar. When we hear that the CSR at the airport has "no information" we try other means such as calling the airline directly, checking the airlines web site and tracking sites such as the one mentioned. What we quickly learn is no two tell us the same thing. This is a clear example of the need for real-time data synchronization and the resulting benefit it would provide in improving customer experience.

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